To be enlisted in the Principal’s Honor list a student should perform outstandingly and achieve an aggregate of ’10’ grade points.

  1. * The Honor student should also have a clear disciplinary record and should have displayed superior behavioral performance during the year.
  2. * The highest scorers in the Grade 10 Board Examination achieving achieving A1 grade in all subjects will be awarded.



The individual Championship Trophy will be awarded to the student scoring the highest points in each group.



The titles ‘KALASHIROMANI – Senior’ (for girls from Grades 8 to 12) and ‘KALASHIROMANI – Junior’ (for girls from Grades 5 to 7) and ‘KALAPRAVEEN – Senior’ (for boys from Grades 8 to 12) and ‘KALAPRAVEEN – Junior’ (for boys from Grades 5 to 7) will be conferred on the highest point scorers in the various cultural competitions provided they meet the following criteria.

  1. * 1. He/She should participate in 8 out of 11 events (Seniors) or 7 out of 10 events (Juniors).
  2. * 2. Win at least two first prizes in individual events.
  3. * 3. Obtain 70% marks in one of the team events.
  4. * 4. Participate in at least one group event.
  5. * 5. The girl and boy who satisfy all of the above criteria and obtain the highest cumulative points will be declared the Kalashiromani and Kalapraveen respectively for both the Junior and Senior sections.



These awards are given to one girl and one boy who are top performers in the annual Talent Fest competition. A cash prize amounting to $500 is given to each of the two students.