The books for the Academic Year 2020-21 are available at the school. We have made arrangements for a drive-through sale of books at the school in order to adhere to the safety guidelines provided by the government of the Kingdom of Bahrain. Parents have been informed by email about the date and time to collect books. Parents can collect the books for their children from the school only at the scheduled date and time communicated to you. The parent can only come in their vehicle and enter the compound through Gate No 3 (Bus Gate) ONLY and proceed along the driveway. You can make the payment at the designated counter near the canteen area and drive further to collect the books from near the auditorium. Parents are also encouraged to designate a particular parent to pay for and collect books for a group of students in order to avoid larger number of parents coming to the school. The purchase of books from the school is optional.
Please note the following when you come to collect the books:

  • If you have more than one child in the school, make sure that you collect the books for all your children on your first visit.
  • Please fill up and bring one request form per child for whom you wish to purchase books.
  • Please ensure that you come to the school to collect the books only at the date and time given to you.
  • Please ensure that you do not get out from your vehicle. There will be people to attend to you for collecting the payment and dispensing the books.
  • Kindly limit to only one parent in one vehicle.
  • Children will not be allowed into the school campus under any circumstances.
  • Please remit the exact amount as per your requirement of books so you can leave soon and also not hold up the queue.
  • Only half sets or full sets of books are available for sale at this time. Loose books will not be available now. Loose books will only be available when the school re-opens.
  • Please understand that there may be delays, please wait your turn patiently in your car and in the queue.

Please print out, fill in and bring the book request form available here when you come to collect the books. One form per child is required.
A map of the drive-through plan is available here.
List of Text and Note books for LKG to Grade 12 is available here.