Transport is provided in Air Conditioned buses to staff and students covering most parts of Bahrain. Transportation of students is not an obligatory service from the school, it has been arranged through external agencies for the convenience of parents. However, the school does have a transport department which, along with representatives of the contract agency, oversees and manages all aspects related to transport such as routes, stops, timings, allocations, availability of vehicles, breakdowns and safety.


  • A separate prescribed application form has to be submitted for availing the transport facility.
  • Bus Nos., routes, pick-up and drop off points will be determined by the school at the beginning of each academic year and parents can choose the most suitable stop for their child.
  • Change in bus nos., routes, stops and timing may be made during the year for reasons beyond the control of the school authorities.
  • Students may be moved to different buses during the academic year to maintain bus capacities. However, the bus stop opted for by the parent will remain unchanged.
  • Separate badges should be obtained by children traveling by bus and it is compulsory to wear these badges on all school days.
  • Any misbehaviour in the bus will lead to forfeiture of the transport facility.
  • If the parent of a student who avails school transport wishes to pick up their child early, then they should do so before 12:30 p.m. and only after intimating the school authorities.
  • In case a parent is not present at the bus-stop to collect the child, the child will be brought back to the school unless otherwise advised by the parent before-hand. These children should then be collected by the parent from the school.
  • Change of bus stop for children can be made by the parent only with the approval of the school authorities, and for this a written application has to be submitted. Such changes will be approved only if there are available seats in the bus.
  • Parents withdrawing their children from availing the transport facility will need to inform the school in writing at least one month in advance. In the absence of such an application, transport fee will be charged.
  • Students going on holiday will have to pay the transport fee along with the tuition fee for the period of leave.
  • The school authorities are not responsible for any delay, accident or break-down of the transport buses. Parents availing transport facilities are doing so at their own risk.