• Transfer Certificates will be issued only upon an application made on reasonable grounds by the parent/ guardian.
  • Application form to request for a Transfer Certificate is available here. The completed form should be submitted to the school office.
  • Certificates will be issued only 3 days after the application is received provided all dues to the school, if any, are cleared.
  • It will be the parents’ responsibility to check that all details mentioned on the Transfer Certificate are correct. Upon verification, the parent should sign the declaration on the original application form.
  • Students withdrawn during the term will be required to pay full fees for the remainder of the term.
  • Parents who take Transfer Certificates from the school are advised to attest the same from the concerned Embassy/Ministries.
Transfer Certificates
Yajnesh Juttu Sundaram13976809-October-2018
Pranav Prajith Kumar13617220-October-2018
Pooja Pillai11156425-October-2018
Akshita Gudala13565105-November-2018
Mohamed Ayaan Mohamed Aslam13397HKG11-November-2018
Joshua Cherian Kovoor14087HKG15-November-2018
Deva Nanda Kannamkotte Biju12955618-November-2018
Gouri Krishna Kannamkotte Biju12956418-November-2018
Ananya Pradeep10129526-November-2018
Anay Pradeep13727126-November-2018
Jiya Kartik Soni10694509-December-2018
Anupama Kumar12942312-December-2018
Mohamed Ameen Mohamed Farook13904LKG12-December-2018
Nayan Shri Srinivasan14106613-December-2018
Shrinidhi Srinivasan14105113-December-2018
Daksh Rajnikant Bhanderi14000613-December-2018
Adithya Sanjeev13031120-December-2018
Aishwarya Sanjeev10562420-December-2018
Anna Grace Dony10995320-December-2018
Enosh Tom Dony10727420-December-2018
Mellisa Tamang13333120-December-2018
Samarth Rajesh Shetty13103120-December-2018
Linnet Varghese9965510-January-2019
Dayanika Shyju13054510-January-2019