“True freedom is impossible without a mind made free by discipline”
– Mortimer J Adler

If education is to be imparted to a child, discipline is key. Hence the school accords optimal importance to values which build up discipline.

  1. Students should strictly adhere to the following rules and regulations of the school.
  2. Respect your teachers and fellow students.
  3. Remain indoors in the absence of a teacher.
  4. A student sent out of class for any purpose should have with him/her a pass from the teacher of that particular period.
  5. Class room furniture should be kept neat and clean. Any damage done to school property will result in a fine and the cost of repair to the damaged property.
  6. Defacing doors and walls, damaging toilet fixtures and chewing gum in school is strictly prohibited.
  7. Students are not allowed to carry USB drives, CDs, DVDs, tablets, mobile phones, cameras, any electronic device or any other contraband items to school. If found, it will be confiscated.
  8. Students should refrain from carrying or circulating any novels, religious books or any type of literature other than the school text books.
  9. Students are strictly required to speak in the English language while in school, except during the second or third language classes.
  10. Use of abusive language, disobedience to authority, quarrels or any kind of misbehaviour is condemned by the school and will be dealt with appropriately.
  11. Cybercrimes such as the use of abusive language online, posting of derogatory matter related to the school, class and school mates or staff on the internet will be strictly dealt with and will be liable for punishment.
  12. In an effort to circumvent any untoward incident, school authorities can and will search any student and his/her belongings.

Discipline is a matter of paramount importance for the school and hence has instituted a Discipline committee to redress issues.

The discipline committee, in consultation with the Principal will be responsible for initiating any disciplinary action.

Counseling is given to students who indulge in indiscipline. Regular defaulters are warned.

When students repeatedly indulge in indiscipline, parents will be called. If parents do not turn up after repeated reminders, then the school will take appropriate action and the school’s decision will be final and binding.

Extreme cases of indiscipline will lead to suspension/expulsion.